Coastal Douglas- Fir Conservation Partnership (CDFCP) Tool

The CDFCP tool is a web-based, graphical user interface that follows the same principles as Marxan planning software to find near-optimal solutions to problems in conservation prioritization (Ball et al. 2009). Marxan is a computer application that runs an algorithm on a user-defined data set, and returns a solution as a table of land parcels (or planning units) ranked by how well they meet user-defined biodiversity targets, while minimizing the costs of land acquisition or other, user-controlled costs (also known as the objective function, see section 1.3.1). Prior versions of this tool used “simulated annealing” as the solution algorithm, to produce a number of ‘near optimal’ solutions for consideration by users over the CDFCP area of ~290 000 planning units.

Please refer to the CDFCP tool tutorial for detailed instructions on how to use the tool. *Updated March 2017*

CDFCP region-wide tool

The links below redirect to tool versions for specific sub-regions within the CDFCP region. Users should note that these are based on an older version of the tool. Please refer to this this tutorial for instructions:

Islands Trust Area (FN land excluded)
Capital Regional District
Capital Regional District Vancouver Island only
Cowichan Valley Regional District