Decision support tools

A big part of my work focuses on creating tools for (conservation) decision support. As the tool framework, I’m almost exclusively using the open and free R programming language and its powerful extension Shiny. Shiny is a web application framework for R that allows users to manipulate and visualize data without any coding. Coupling data with a Shiny application can be transformative. Eliminating the coding background requirement increases the accessibility of data to anyone with access to a browser, this includes Indigenous communities, the general public, resource managers, policy makers and other stakeholders. Shiny applications are increasingly being used by businesses, governments and scientists to increase the accessibility of their data and results. More importantly, in the hands of communities, Shiny applications can empower users to use data in a knowledge informed decision making processes. By eliminating the coding barrier to data analyses, R Shiny can serve as an equalizer in negotiations and consultations.